brothers and sisters, the real freedom is Islam, not this Dunya, yes there are many desires but resisting those desires will make you a better person in sha Allah, remember this world is just a game a game in which you must ensure to reach the highest level which in sha Allah will be Jannah….. do you not fear ALlah when you are doing haram?… i pity those who are Muslim yet do haram all the time… it’s Ramadan and i’m sure many of you must be closer to your Deen so see the beauty not just of this month but of Islam in your life forever.


4 thoughts on “Islam

  1. Sister I need your help I was watching a Indian drama yesterday and I was thinking that these guys believe so strongly in their religion even though its false and now I’m getting disgusting doubts in my head and I don’t know what to do I keep on breaking down and I feel so disgusting I need help! I have never been a good Muslim I haven’t prayed Namaz nor do I wear the hijab but please help me:(

    • Asalamualaykum sis,sorry for the late reply! i think an idea would be to stop watching those dramas, i used to watch indian dramas too but they just started boring me because i Alhamdulillah started praying more, that’s what you should do instead of watching TV, pray, read Quran or spend time looking at the translation of Quran, or do your school/college work , wallah it helps.. i’ll make dua for you, may Allah help you loads..ameen ❤

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